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I.D. Antarctica Interactive Opportunity

2 Feb 2020 9:09 PM | NJSTA (Administrator)

I.D. Antarctica:  Follow the adventures of polar scientist Andrew Corso and see if your students can identify the “mystery creatures” that he encounters during his research cruise along the West Antarctic Peninsula.

Once a week, on Tuesdays, we will post a photograph of a “mystery” creature from the depths of the Southern Ocean that participating classes will identify using the custom keys provided.  Each Friday we will post the correct identification, as well as information about the animal and the surrounding ecosystem. The unique organisms we will post are found only in Antarctica and will include alien-like invertebrates, white-blooded icefishes, penguins, and several others. The program will begin January 14, 2020 and run for five consecutive weeks.

This opportunity is open to all grade levels and no registration is required – just make sure you are signed up to receive Polar-ICE blog posts (see sign up box at top right of this page.)

About our scientist:

Andrew Corso, a PhD candidate at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, will be leading I.D. Antarctica. While he is primarily researching the impacts of climate change on Antarctic fishes, he has the opportunity to work with scientists studying a variety of Antarctic organisms, ranging from bacteria to whales. Andrew’s greatest passion is photography and his specialized equipment will help illustrate the otherworldly animals of the Southern Ocean.

Follow along at https://polar-ice.org/blog/ 

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