The goal of #NJSTAChats is to open a dialogue with New Jersey Science Teachers about current developments and innovations in science education. We would like to promote conversations about issues that are impacting you. 

The 2020-2023 NJSTAChats learning experiences were virtual and webinar based sessions that were more presentation and less discussion. If you are a member, you can view the archives of those sessions HERE. We are reviewing and changing how NJSTAChats works. We want you to share your voices and to discuss science education podcasts, research articles, science education books, videos, and more! 

Welcome to our new format for chats! Join our new NJSTA Discord Server to become a part of the conversation! Some chats will be synchronous and others will be asynchronous. More details will be coming soon! 

Join the NJSTA Discord Server HERE.  

Are you new to Discord? Please watch this video to find out why Discord is a great way for us to connect!

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