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We will communicate through Discord for our field trips. This will help us meet up at specific locations and discuss the event. 

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Upcoming Field Trips

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Join us during one of our new NJSTA Science Teacher Field Trips. We know that science does not happen just in the classroom. Sometimes we are able to bring our students on field trips. Have you ever wanted a field trip for you to explore the science for yourself? We will be exploring place-based learning by visiting different informal science education locations here in New Jersey. Let’s share our love of science experiences and connect with other science teachers to have some fun enjoying the amazing science in New Jersey.

Members of the NJSTA Executive Board will be taking trips to different informal education places throughout the state. We are offering the opportunity for you to meet us and join us on a "Field Trip" without your students! 

We are planning to visit no or low-cost locations about once a month. The goal is to network in person, explore science in New Jersey, and have fun! 

We have a list of awesome places we plan to visit. New Jersey has so many wonderful phenomena and scientific places. We hope to see you there!

Join the NJSTA Discord Server to access meet-up locations and to discuss the event HERE.  

Media Release - Photo and Video 

By joining NJSTA or attending any of our events, you grant permission to NJSTA take and use your photo in marketing and promotion pieces for an indefinite period of time.  Marketing and promotional pieces include, but are not limited to, printed brochures, reports, postcards, flyers and materials, as well as online uses such as postings on the NJSTA website, online newsletters, social media sites, and email blasts.  NJSTA shall own all rights, including copyrights, in and to the photos.


By joining NJSTA or attending any of our events, you understand that you are solely responsible for any transportation and costs for the Field Trip activities. You also understand that you are solely responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury or property damage sustained through participation in normal or unusual acts associated with the activity.  You hereby release NJSTA and all representatives from any and all liabilities or claims made as a result of participation.

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