Beacons of Light

 The Beacon of Light will be awarded to any person who in their actions and words lights a path for the organization to follow. 

"This has been an incredible year for me that would not have gone the way it did without the help of two very important members on my team. There are two incredible Science educators who have spent a lifetime sharing their passion for Science education and making sure that the organization supporting their passion continues to serve well. Over this past year, I have been mentored by two of the most gracious and knowledgeable Past Presidents and Trustees who have selflessly shared their time with me to keep this organization moving forward. After one year, I am ready to face the challenges of Year two because there was a Beacon of Light illuminating the unlit road to the future of the New Jersey Science Teachers Association.

For me, both of these ladies have shared countless hours shining that Beacon of Light ahead of me so that I would have the confidence to move forward with the work that needed to be done for NJSTA. It is for this reason that I am invoking my President’s privilege and naming a new NJSTA award for this dynamic pair of Honorary Members. As with all of the Awards, it is not expected that this Award will be given every year although we hope that there are enough Adelas and Nancys in our future that we may have an opportunity to present it again."

~As presented by Cheryl Zanzone, NJSTA President at the fall meeting at NJSC October 2019.

Adela Dziekanowski does her best work quietly behind the scenes. She graciously shares her time, genius in organization and technology, and her exceptional grasp of anecdotal history to guide the development of professionally written documents and publicly viewed technology bases for NJSTA as well as NJSC. Working with Adela on the Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award Committee has also taught me that she is the best editor and creative writer who is not afraid to correct spelling and punctuation.

Nancy Evans Bennett is our present Parliamentarian as well as Chair of the Awards and Presentations Committee. She shares her passion for Science education with everyone as she continues to be the Hostess with the mostest for New Jersey Science Convention as well. Nancy, along with her husband and fellow Science educator, Jim, travel near and far to share their expertise in Science education with Pre-Service as well as practicing teachers.

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